The purpose of the AUTHENTICITY! training is to support  people to be 100% present and fully self expressed. In connecting with the authentic self, you get out of your own way, uncover and discover the basic ideas and belief structures that have held you back in the past. During this fun and insightful weekend we will assist you to convert those beliefs and teach you simple understandings that will enable you to create real success, satisfaction, freedom and joy in your life using your innate talents and skills. 

If you need psychological help, get a good therapist. If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you want to be in a motivating and creative space that will allow you to see clearly, act with integrity and be 100% authentic and fully self expressed, work with us.

AUTHENTICITY! is about being genuine and authentic in life.  Our trainings are for everyone.  Our past participants have created amazing results in their relationships, careers & lives.  The concepts we share are multi-dimensional understandings that apply to all areas of life.

AUTHENTICITY! is focused, heart centered and inspiring. Our enthusiasm is contagious, and our commitment to delivering purposeful trainings of lasting impact is unfaltering. We lovingly and steadfastly empower people to consciously embrace their full potential and infuse the atmosphere with joy and gratitude that will remain with you long after the three days have concluded.

You will discover:

  1. how to create authentic connections

  2. how to convert judgement into creative expression

  3. how to vision & reach your goals every time - and have it be fun!

  4. how to break through the any obstacles that are holding you back

A recent email from one of our ongoing clients who is working full time, making a six-figure  income doing what he loves:

“I want to share this amazing realization with you two. We've hit a freaking home run!!  I just booked out with Disney through the end of the year! :) That pretty much filled all my holes of availabilities. I'm slammed with fairs for 2 months solid and in between all that I'm doing my shows as a motivational speaker in the schools. I'm pretty much completely booked as a professional performer doing my one man Circus of Sound through the rest of this year!  

I just wanna share this with you two because you've been an enormous part of the support, inspiration and motivation that's gone into manifesting this awesomeness. So THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! You're my very good friends and kinda my spiritual performance coach angels...”

Bronkar Lee

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“Simply stated I got more than my money’s worth. I will be recommending the experience. ”

Following the workshop, and John’s courage and commitment to get his work out there, a theatre company that was interested in producing his show contacted him and he is in the process of producing his one man show “StandUp Priest”.

John McEvoy

“The weekend has been pivotal in moving me forward in a positive and directed way toward my dream.  The whole experience had a strong and lasting impression on me. It was both fun, and challenging.  As an adult, I'm not often challenged in this deep and profound way... Since the workshop I have felt more in touch with my creative self and I have a clearer picture of the next steps toward my dream."

*NEWS FLASH* Carolyn now has a You Tube Variety show called “Fifi and Fanny” and has been cast as the lead in several local comedy productions since coaching with us.

Carolyn Eidson


“Brian Thomas Poirier and CeCe Cannavo changed the course of my life when I took their performance workshop. I did the workshop in January of 2007 though I had done little performing other than the occasional open mic. My fortuitous encounter with Brian and CeCe was pivotal. They put a collective foot in my back and coached me into my first gig . . . it has completely opened up my world.”

*NEWS FLASH* Julie moved to Nashville, recorded FIVE ALBUMS of original music, and booked a national tour as a solo artist after coaching with us for SIX MONTHS. She is in hot pursuit of her goal of writing a Grammy winning song.

Julie Kay Clark


“This training has let me connect with audiences in powerful new ways, without using            

gimmicks. I can see many ways that the workshop will help me in the future. Certainly in        

my performance, but also public speaking and interviewing--any time I need to convey my

authentic self to others.”   Anne S., Actress & Performer

"I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for clarity as to what beliefs        

they want to incorporate into their art. The workshop deals with how to approach a dream

and the steps to make it a reality." Corey Burke, Magician, Performer

AUTHENTICITY! is a cutting edge workshop that is guaranteed to teach you at least one tool that, if practiced every day, will create results in whatever area you choose to focus.

Actually, you will lean many tools & techniques during this experiential, fun, energetic, information packed weekend - but in order for a tool to work you have to USE IT!

Our ability to integrate many different philosophies and practices, combined with our steadfast commitment to empowering people, makes this work a potent, life-enhancing experience.


What a wonderful safe place to grow a piece, and grow as a performer. Thanks for all of your feedback, love, and support. You guys rock!!! Jeff Young, Actor

“The workshop was tons of fun. While all of the activities had a purpose and built on the material, they were a joy unto themselves. This sort of playful, creative, spontaneous expression let our group become closer so that we could better support each other and offer feedback. The structure of the workshop helped me really focus in on changing how I look at what keeps me from my dreams. I came into the weekend knowing that I'm opening up my life to change, and the workshop absolutely ushered in the possibility of changes ahead.”

Jessica Raaum, Equity Actress & Singer



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